Thinking of Selling your Home? I've Got You Covered. Get Educated on the Process


Selling a Home? Choose the Right REALTOR®

Selling a home can be a complex & emotional process. Choosing the right realtor® is one of the most important decisions you make that will affect the end results. Questions to ask: Is your REALTOR® specialized in the area your home is for sale? what is the track records of your REALTOR®? How would your home be marketed? what is the strategy to get in front of prospective buyers and obtain optimal premium sale price? See below my approach to marketing

A Clear Direction and cohesive Marketing Plan 

I use the latest and the greatest techniques and professionals to showcase homes: Professional specialized Real Estate photography. Professional video listings to ensure remote buyers can experience the home online first. 
Floor Plan and accurate measurements of the home, very helpful tools with remote buyers. Installing For Sale sign: a recognized brand with hundreds of REALTOR® in Vancouver. Custom professional printed material and property brochures. 

Preparing Your Home to Market

Before photography and announcing your home to the marketplace I do a thorough walk-through to go over the presentation of your home. I will suggest a few interior design changes and provide necessary design items, art, accessories, and rearrangement of furniture if needed. I also have interior designers and stagers to provide a complimentary consultation on site. The goal is to create a perfect balance of a curb appeal, flow, and pleasant feel in order to get prospective buyers comfortable while viewing the home. 

How Much is your Home Worth? 

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Sweat Equity - Time Investment on my Part

I dedicate time for a thorough walkthrough of the home and area. Learning about what makes this home a perfect buy.
I study a list of the unique features of the home - If I believe in it I will be able to get prospective buyers excited about it as well.
I show my listings personally (no assistants, helpers, or junior team members)I do our own open houses. 
I follow up with all REALTOR® and clients for feedback - this is a very important step that usually overlooked by others. 
Attention to details, superb negotiation skills and experience have made my track record in selling homes better than others.

The Importance of Pricing

Ensuring your home sells at fair market value within a reasonable period of time is dependent on your pricing strategy. I will help you create the ideal strategy based on the following factors: Comparative Market Analysis, supply and demand in the given Micro market your home is at, and more importantly opportunities to leverage the unique features of the home to elicit excitement and buzz in the market place. 

My recent sales

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Sellers' Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find out how much my home is worth?

I provide a complimentary, no obligation home evaluation upon demand. The method called Comparative Market Analysis (CMA), a detailed report outlining similar homes to yours that have recently sold in your area. The report takes into account the currect competition (other homes currently offered for sale), enhancing features such as renovations, proximity to amenities etc. If you are not ready to engage a realtor no problems, I am happy to porvide an evaluation online. Contact me for more details and further discussion

Is the expected sale price would be below or above my BC Assessment?

BC assessment values has no impact on the true market value of your home. The assessment is created by the provincial government to determine tax value and equalize the tax distributions of similar homes. The market value of your home is determined by how much buyers willing to pay. I can show data of sales below BC assessment, above BC assessment, and somewhat within range of BC assessed value.

What is the selling commission?

There is no set rate and every REALTOR® set their own fees. One question to ask is where does the commission money going to? Before addressing the fees it is very important to understand the fees allocation and how it can effect the final sale price.

If i don't get a high enough offer do I have to sell?

Absolutely not. When you list your home with me you give me the privilage to market your home. If you dont receive an acceptable offer you are not obligated to sell.