It is a Great Time to Buy a Home in Vancouver.


Work on Your 'Wishlist'

One of the first action items I propose when meeting with buyers is to take the time and come up with a wishlist. 
List of needs vs wants, must-haves vs nice to have. Features they cannot live without. One challenge many buyers have is to get sidetracked by nice features they find attractive and fall in love with a home that is not what they originally were hoping for. The challenge: buyers who buy such home outgrow the space quickly than expected and find themselves in need to upgrade again. Sticking to a guideline list can be very valuable. I can guide you through the process to create a successful wishlist.

Mortgage & Financing Decision

In order to make the right financing decision, it is important to understand what a mortgage is and what type of mortgage options are available. Few questions I address in the initial meeting: how much of a down payment should a buyer put down. What type of mortgage options available to them. What type (if any) grants, tax breaks, and other government programs they should consider. Understanding the financing aspect reduces uncertainty and simplifies the process.

Assemble a Professional Team 

Purchasing a home is a complex and important decision, hence it is crucial to ensure to have professionals assisting you in various areas of expertise: To name a few: first and foremost a REALTOR® you feel comfortable with as you will go through an emotional journey. A reliable home inspector, a lawyer, a handyman or small repairs company, and an insurance broker. I have assembled such a list so my clients can have professional advice every step of the way. I'm happy to share this list with you.

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Legal Documents & Terms Made Easy 

The purchase process requires you to be exposed to many legal documents: purchase agreement, title documents, due diligence required by law, and understanding the disclosure requirements by the sellers. All can be overwhelming without proper guidance. I am committed to addressing it before we begin the journey and committed to empowering you with knowledge. Full transparency is a guarantee I make to all of my clients. My number one goal is to ensure you are well informed before buying a home. 

Viewing Properties - Setting Tours

Now when you equip with all the necessary tools it's time to start viewing properties. I have created a system giving you access to all available listings as well as sale data. The first step would be to narrow down the options online and start visiting properties. I usually ask for positive and negative feedback from every viewing to fine-tune the next tour and focus the search. It is the fun part of the process, I am committed to making it memorable and successful. 

Which area suits you the best?

Photo Gallery of some of the area I sell extensively at. Market reports and statistics available upon demand. 

Buyers' Frequently Asked Questions

How much can I afford?

When I meet buyers for the first time we go over financing options and preferred mortgage brokers in order to assisnt answering this question. Few variable taken into consideration: How much is the availbale down payment? what is the comfort zone in terms of monthly payment? what are the available options out there? these questions will be addressed in the initial meeting.

What other fees should I expect?

Few additional costs to keep in mind: 1. Property Transfer Tax ( there are excamptions programs for first time buyers) 2. Home inspection 3. Lawers closing costs 4. Moving costs 5. GST if the house of condo is new and subject to GST This is not a complete list, each case is different

How long does it take to find the right home?

Every buyer is different. There are buyers who do the vetting in the research stage and narow down their desired home to selectd few. This is usually result in faster purchase proicess. Other buyers need to tour more and experience homes in person before making the decision. Typically the range is between 1-3 months.

Do I need a REALTOR® to search? I can find homes on website myself

The added value is not searching and finding the listed home. The job fo a REALTOR® is much more than finidng the home. To start, in order to determine if the asking price is fair you will need someone to analyse the data and give you clarity on value. Also, negotiation is a big part of the job. Lastly, discloseures and protection: Your realtor has your best interest in mind and their job is to ensure you will have a full disclosure before making the final decision. Ask me about 'buyer beware' in B.C. to understand why you MUST have a representative.